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Once a Silicon Valley software engineer, Curtis C. Chen now writes fiction and runs puzzle games near Portland, Oregon. His debut novel Waypoint Kangaroo is a science fiction thriller about a superpowered spy facing his toughest mission yet: vacation. The sequel, Kangaroo Too, lands our hero on the Moon to confront long-buried secrets.

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Meet Kangaroo,
a superpowered spy facing his toughest mission yet:

KANGAROO TOO by Curtis C. Chen
Kangaroo's back!
And this time it's personal... maybe?

Oregon Reads Aloud - Have Spacesuit, Will Travel
includes "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel"

The 2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide - Laddie Come Home
includes "Laddie Come Home"

Mission: Tomorrow - Ten Days Up
includes "Ten Days Up"

SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror - Making Waves
includes "Making Waves"

Leading Edge issue 65 - Somebody's Daughter
includes "Somebody's Daughter"

BUY Blaze of Glory
includes "Don't Fence Me In"

BUY From the Porch Swing
includes "At Long Last, Love"

BUY 100 Stories for Haiti
includes "The Stories We Tell Ourselves"
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WAYPOINT KANGAROO (Thomas Dunne Books, 2016)
    2017 Locus Awards Finalist, First Novel Category
    2017 Endeavour Award Finalist
    "[a] rollicking splice of mystery and high-tech SF" - Publishers Weekly
    "an engaging character and a rich, believable world" - Kirkus Reviews
    "a great, fun read for anyone who loves a mystery or a spy story" - Booklist

KANGAROO TOO (Thomas Dunne Books, 2017)
    "Anyone who loves science fiction is sure to love this book." - The Oregonian
    "as smart and sassy as its title character" - Publishers Weekly (starred review)
    "kept me turning pages well past my bedtime" - Tina Connolly, Nebula-nominated author of Ironskin

Curtis is represented by Sam Morgan at Foundry Literary + Media

Short Fiction

512 Words or Fewer
A weekly anthology of flash fiction (2008-2013), now collected in THURSDAY'S CHILDREN
    "some of the tales would make great bedtime stories. Others will keep your kids up at night." - GeekDad

In Print
"Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" (Oregon Reads Aloud, 2016)
"Ghost Patrol" (Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, 2016)
"Laddie Come Home" (2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, 2015)
"Ten Days Up" (Mission: Tomorrow, 2015)
    "suspenseful" - Locus Online // "often satirical, sometimes hopeful" - Publishers Weekly
"Making Waves" (SNAFU, 2014)
    "a tale that's begging for [a] film version, preferably directed by Guillermo del Toro" - Horror Talk // more reviews...
"Somebody's Daughter" (Leading Edge Issue 65, 2014)
"Don't Fence Me In" (Song Stories: Blaze of Glory, 2013)
"At Long Last, Love" (From the Porch Swing, 2010)
"The Stories We Tell Ourselves" (100 Stories for Haiti, 2010)

"Like a Ghost I'm Gonna Haunt You" (Daily Science Fiction, 2016)
"Bounty Call" (Perihelion Science Fiction, 2015)
"Godwin's Law" (The Future Fire, 2015)
"It's Machine Code" (Unlikely Story #11: The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, 2015)
    "a story that gets best right at the end" - Charlotte Ashley // more reviews...
"Zugzwang" (Daily Science Fiction, 2014)
    "not in the least bit groundbreaking, but still enjoyable" - Psocoptera // more reviews...
"Born to the Legion" (Sledgehammer Writing Contest, 2013)
"Restart" (Strangetastic, 2009)
"Love Lucy" (365 Tomorrows, 2007)
"Ghosts of Earth" (365 Tomorrows, 2006)
"Birthdays" (365 Tomorrows, 2006)
"Antique" (365 Tomorrows, 2006)
FREEFALL: an outer space adventure serial (1995-)

Audio Narrations
"The Heaven-Moving Way" by Chi Hui; translated by Andy Dudak (Apex Magazine, 2018)
"A Spirited Education" by Tony Pi (PodCastle, 2017)
"Or Be Forever Fallen" by A. Merc Rustad (PodCastle, 2017)


On Writing

Reddit AMA (r/Writing, 2016)
The Kanga-Roundup (CKL's HotSheet, 2016)
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My Murdered Darling — "The Crazy Flirty Lady" (KatTales, 2016)
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The Joy of Deadlines (ShadowSpinners, 2016)
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original WAYPOINT KANGAROO query letter (Query Shark, 2013)
Me and Ken Levine (CKL's HotSheet, 2008)


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NASA Wants You to Help Build More APIs
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